Thursday, March 7, 2013

Importance of History

History as a field of study, it comprises many aspects in life. It tackles life itself, our ways, animals habitat, foundation of every government and its form, mankind and most important part of history is all about God.
The following are the importance of History.
1. Enables us to know the past.
2. Let us understand the present situation or condition.
3. Show us some hints for the future.
4. History gives us helpful information for different situation and circumstances.
5. It has many stories that can answer almost all of our questions.
6. We can meet as many people as we want in different eras.
7. History can gives us confirmation of a specific theory or information.
8. It can prevent us from doing the same unwanted actions in any situation.
9. It will directs us to do better than our past.
10. Show us the importance of everything in this world.
11. Makes us new through the information we have gathered.
12. Helps us to improve in every aspect of life.
13. Always gives us new knowledge.
14. Shows us the truth.
15. History is the foundation of all nation.

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