Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Every second is History

No one knows what will happen tomorrow or even for the next minute that is why there's history. A simple past can make a change for the betterment of the world and for every human. We can assume some instances in our lives but still we can't be so sure about it.

HISTORY comes from a Greek word "historia" which means inquiry, knowledge, information that was acquired through observation or any form of investigation. It includes acquiring information in animals, environment, events, human interactions, affiliations, organizations, and through our own experiences.

History is an event that can't never change because it has its own reasons. As I said, "every second is History". No one can ever change that and intercept that. It is also made a link between our past, present and future.

Trivia 3:
It takes 17 muscles to make a single smile.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Trivia 1

A human will die without a sleep for about 10 days.

Why do we need to study History?

"History repeats itself"
No one knows what will happen tomorrow, but still there are some information that can help us to predict or to assume those upcoming instances. It is easy to understand that History is good source of information that can enhance our ability to think for a better solution, for more reliable actions, and it can also improve our critical thinking skills by understanding our own past.
We can and we should leave our pasts behind but not the lessons of it because learning comes through our experiences. As they say, "Experience is the best teacher". We can learn through our own mistakes or even through the mistakes of other people. Thus, without HISTORY there will be no learning process. 
We have to consider that HISTORY is not only about the past. This field of study will give us so much information able for us to understand every mystery in our lives or in this world. 

Importance of History

History as a field of study, it comprises many aspects in life. It tackles life itself, our ways, animals habitat, foundation of every government and its form, mankind and most important part of history is all about God.
The following are the importance of History.
1. Enables us to know the past.
2. Let us understand the present situation or condition.
3. Show us some hints for the future.
4. History gives us helpful information for different situation and circumstances.
5. It has many stories that can answer almost all of our questions.
6. We can meet as many people as we want in different eras.
7. History can gives us confirmation of a specific theory or information.
8. It can prevent us from doing the same unwanted actions in any situation.
9. It will directs us to do better than our past.
10. Show us the importance of everything in this world.
11. Makes us new through the information we have gathered.
12. Helps us to improve in every aspect of life.
13. Always gives us new knowledge.
14. Shows us the truth.
15. History is the foundation of all nation.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What is History?

History-one of the most crucial area in the field of education but sometimes the least priority of other people. This area focuses on studying the past to understand the present or our actual situation and able for us to predict the future. We should remember that experiences are part of our own history.
History helps people to consider our responses to different kinds of situation, or it can give us tips on what are those consequences awaits towards our action.
For me, the foundation of education is History, without history how we can say that we have to be an educated men, to know a particular subject, a formula, a law, or even to know how to make sentences.